Tasks for iPhone and iPad

How to Use

Use different types of accounts in GoTasks to manage tasks:

  • Local Account: Tasks added here are stored only on device. Using Local Account doesn't require any registration and can be used straight away. Tasks in Local Account can't be synchronized between devices.
  • Google Account: The master copy of tasks is stored on Google servers and can be accessed and modified online from Gmail. GoTasks supports multiple Google Accounts.

Adding Google Account

  • Adding new Google accounts is no longer supported.


Each Account can have multiple Lists. List is a collection of Tasks.

  • To Create List tap Edit button on the page with your lists, then tap the “+” button.
  • To Edit List tap Edit button, then tap on the desired list.
  • To Reorder lists tap Edit Button, then move rows using three bars icon on the right side.
  • To Delete List tap and hold on it, then choose Delete.
  • To Share List tap and hold on it, then choose Share.

In addition to user created lists the app adds special lists:

  • “All Tasks” List contains tasks from all lists inside account.
  • “Completed” List contains completed and cleared tasks. To restore Task uncheck it.
  • “Trash” List contains deleted tasks. To restore Task uncheck it.


  • To Create Task tap the “+” button to add it to the top of the list or tap, hold and drag “+” button to add task to the middle of the list.
  • To Edit Task double tap on it to edit its title right in the list.
  • To View and Edit Task details, such as text, date and alarm, tap on Task.
  • To Indent Task swipe to the left or to the right on it. Indenting is only available when List is manually sorted.
  • To Reorder tasks hold on the “three bars” icon on the right side, then drag Task to the desired destination.
  • To Delete Task tap and hold on it, wait for menu to appear, then choose Delete. Task will be moved to Trash list.
  • To Share Task tap and hold on it, then choose Share.


Settings can be accessed from Accounts and Lists screens. Tap on Gear icon to open Settings.


Badge is a number in red (or blue) circle showing the number of certain tasks, such as Due and Overdue Tasks, Today’s and Overdue Tasks, or All Tasks, etc.

Application badge is showing on the application icon. List badges are showing on each list.


With “Auto Alert” setting turned on default alert will be assigned to each task with valid due date, except tasks for which alert was manually set.

Indent Bar

If enabled, Indent bar will be shown above the keyboard when you edit your tasks on the tasks list page.

Manual Sync

If enabled, application will sync your data to Google servers only when you tap sync button.